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Rebecca Allcock - Illustrator Portfolio

Rebecca Allcock, an artist and business owner based in Auckland, New Zealand, is setting up a website to showcase and sell her diverse range of artistic creations, including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces. With a passion for creativity and a desire to share her work with the world, Rebecca aims to use her website as a platform to display her art and offer it for sale. Her art portfolio business is dedicated to capturing emotions and telling stories through her art, inviting viewers to explore and connect with her unique artistic vision. The website will feature a wide range of her artwork, allowing visitors to explore and purchase pieces that catch their interest. Rebecca's main focus is to highlight her artistic skills and attract potential buyers. She wants her website to reflect her unique style and creativity. Rebecca's unique selling point is her AI artwork, which adds a fascinating element to her portfolio and sets her apart in the art industry.






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+64 123 456 789

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